Meet Jeroen

Meet Jeroen

I am a bi-lingual Dutch native who is befriended with the Irish people ever since I put feet on Irish soil for the first time back in 1988.  After a career in mechanical engineering I chose a new direction closer to my heart and followed a thorough 6 year study in homeopathy and related subjects in the Netherlands. In 2003 I moved with my family to Ireland and later on I became a registered member of the Irish Society of Homeopaths. 

I started my practise in the Netherlands in 2001. Thanks to years of experience as a homeopathic practitioner and with the help of my spirit guide and also my family and friends I discovered that God played an infinite role in my life. This led me to believe that beside being a good homeopath I also had to make sure that the foundations of my work were realigned with the Christian spiritual insights that will lead to increased well-being for all concerned and in particular those who are marginalised, downtrodden and hopelessly ignored. After that, I myself had three brief admissions into a psychiatric facility. Soon enough I realised that the aim of this life is to make it perfect for myself and for those I love. This really meant that whatever may have happened, I would make sure that it would serve its purpose for those who are downtrodden, lonely and isolated too and are many times worse off. 

Consequently and not without a struggle I managed to reinvent myself and homeopathy. I felt that homeopathy, a medicine for the future, should be accepted for what it is and taken into consideration by those who also feel that the medical healthcare system needs a drastic change. I started to gather myself in aid of the distressed, which means that I created myself a new life in which the other profoundly destitute would play a significant role and in doing so I had to prioritise aspects of life in a new fashion. First I thought I have to look after myself in such a way that it is helpful for those who may need my expertise as a survivor and healthcare professional the most. Secondly I became an even more dedicated husband and father who puts an emphasis on togetherness, free from worries and plenty of laughter. Thirdly my professional life played a major role. I organised myself in circles of friends in which everyone may share their heart’s content with regards to their issues in day-to-day life.  

The first self-help group was called Listen-to-your-Heart and was founded on the principles of Faith, Hope and Charity. The faith that after our social exclusion by the psychiatric services, their intent not to listen and their medication with horrendous side-effects, life still has something for us to offer; the hope that we develop by sincere listening to one another in an ongoing effort to, without interruption or imposing opinions, increasing the bonds of friendship and mutual support. Last but not least, we will unite in a charitable aspect in the form of doing something together for those who are worse off than we are as a result of their lonely and isolated position enforced by the psychiatric services. 

The second self-help group aims to reach out to those in a caring position but who may also be vulnerable, lonely and isolated. By means of sheer listening we support one another in our dilemmas and predicaments of care and it is called Dilemmas in Love. This circle of friends is going from strength to strength and proclaims that our differences in Faith and spirituality will be overcome as long we are able to maintain this listening disposition. Our listening disposition is in line with our code of friendship which each of us adheres too in order to increase our mutual understanding and common sense in relation to the care each of us provides to a vulnerable person and the essential role our personal believes play in it.

The third self-help group I established for people who wish to increase their crops in an organic and sustainable way and who wish to pass their knowledge on to the next generation, our children who are our future. In line with our mission ‘to grow with the children for a future’ and in an effort of sincere listening we establish a culture of genuine friendship that will last. In this way we are able to get projects off the ground that promote our cause and that enhance our crops at the same time. Due to the magnificent code of honour Faith, Hope and Charity we enable ourselves to work twice as hard for Mother Earth and her off spring, humanity, in the hope that life is not forlorn. Through this organic process of cooperation and forgiveness we enable everyone to join, no matter what. 

My actions so far have exceeded many expectations, especially with regard to homeopathy and its purpose, its knowledge and the way it self-organises in general. In the first place I came to understand that homeopathy as a medicine for the future is based on principles which have not fully evolved yet. I came to the conclusion that in order to profoundly increase our knowledge of the principles, we as homeopathic practitioners have to put the most vulnerable client central stage and in doing so reinvent our ethics in relation to our marvellous medicine and indeed the many methods we apply. Gaining a clearer understanding of the essence of homeopathy is like the research that is done to enable the science of medicine to exceed its limitations. And in doing so, with the most vulnerable client in mind, we will endorse our understanding of the individual needs to the extent that they, the individual needs, become central stage in our daily practise. But also a more comprehensive homeopathic philosophy in line with the great wisdom out there will take shape. This will result in a new philosophy that will encompass human nature in its entirety, seeking a connection to the divine spiritual.