Each recorded testimonial is backed up by its original, sometimes hard to read, hand written testimonial which I have safely stored away. The names are on request of my dear patients changed, as well as their age. Each patient has spoken their own mind and one should accept each statement of cure as from their own perspective.

I would like to tell you about my experiences with homeopathy. My knee was very painful and a friend told me about Jeroen and that he is a homeopath. I went to see him and he questioned me about the sort of pain and when the knee was most painful and so on. He drew his conclusions and gave me a medicine. Within a few days the pain in my knee completely gone.

Likewise, was my experience with a tennis elbow. My GP gave me a prescription and he told me to come back in four weeks. But with the experience of my knee in my mind I also went to Jeroen. He gave me a medicine and after a week it was over.

The same is the case with an allergy I was suffering from. For me homeopathy is the way towards health also with allergies.

I have a history of psychiatric illness. I went to my homeopath Jeroen Holtkamp, because I was having difficulties sleeping. One of my symptoms was indecision -I could not make up my mind on a range of issues. I would decide something and within an hour or a day, I would decide the opposite-

Jeroen gave me the homeopathic remedy “Lith-c. 1M” and my sleep improved. But the amazing thing was that I became much more decisive, to the extent even that my wife, family and friends noticed it.

I was suffering from a toothache. I had acute pain and couldn’t sleep very well. I attended to my homeopath Jeroen Holtkamp. He gave me a remedy and advised me to go to the dentist too. Within hours the toothache was gone and has never returned. My sleep returned to normal and I did not need to go to the dentist.

I presented into Jeroen’s clinic with depression/anxiety, mood swings, difficulty sleeping and very poor energy levels. I have seen Jeroen for a total of three sessions and he discussed with me what my symptoms were and how best to deal with them. I have noticed a vast improvement in my conditions and the majority of my symptoms alleviated or had disappeared altogether.

I continue to see Jeroen as I find him very professional and helpful. I believe homeopathy is the best way forward in helping me.

Due to a severe trauma in my life, I was left feeling very depressed and had difficulties in living my daily life. One morning I woke up feeling very calm and would think of taking my life made clear sense to me. I felt that suicide was the only way I could end the pain, the endless darkness and sadness. It was so strong a feeling and suddenly I realised that I needed help and fast! I contacted Jeroen and told him that I needed help immediately. He saw me straight away and we talked about what I was feeling. He was very, very supportive and he asked me a few questions to enable him to understand. He gave me a remedy and it felt like a light switch went on in my head! I woke up the next morning feeling so much better and lighter, the darkness was completely gone. I even felt some joy! There was no residue of suicidal thoughts and I have never had them since.

I experienced a very traumatic accident a few years ago and was diagnosed with severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.). I had so many of PTSD symptom i.e. no emotions, no feelings, unable to stop crying, unable to sleep, feeling only intense fear, shock and constant flash backs. I met Jeroen and at our first meeting he took a very detailed history and as my case was severe, he kept in close contact with me and we have met often in the beginning. As time went on and the symptoms decreased, we start meeting once a month. In the meantime he dealt with acute states immediately. He was always at the end of the line when the symptoms became extreme and I was unable to cope. He gave me different remedies and each remedy gave a definite improvement. During this time, I didn’t take conventional medication as it made me sick, however Jeroen told me that medication would not be a problem with homeopathic treatment. It was a difficult healing process and a slow process, but today l am well and have been able to integrate this traumatic experience into my life.

I was diagnosed with Chron’s disease 7 years ago and I had all the usual symptoms, such as bloating, cramping, constipation, cold sores in my mouth and nose and would need to go to the toilet urgently. I was exhausted and tired and felt so sick most of the time. I often had acute flare ups with severe cramps that sometimes would last all day. On visiting Jeroen, he took a very detailed history of my whole person, mentally, physically and emotionally with regards to my individual experience of Chron’s disease. I felt he understood me as he worked closely with me. Every remedy lead to a positive result and Jeroen was always available to prescribe a remedy in case of an acute flare up. Since I have completed the treatment I had not any flare up or any symptoms of Chron’s disease in the last few years. I am careful with what I eat but my digestive system is healthy.

For a variety of childhood illnesses such as tonsillitis, croup and other infections I have attended Jeroen
with my children. Through a combination of personal consultations and homeopathic remedies the
children always made a complete recovery and, through time, the health issues resolved. I would highly
recommend Jeroen for his skills as a homeopath. I truly value the professional service he provides to our

I have been attending 3Fold homeopathic healthcare for almost 10 years. I find the method of working
(1:1 consultation, lasting 50 minutes approximately) truly helpful in supporting me to get to the root of
health issues and treat the problem rather than just the symptoms. Jeroen is an excellent and emphatic
listener who prescribes remedies based on my own evaluation of the situation. The remedies are easy to
take and always give satisfactory results. Jeroen has treated me for acute issues from pain to issues
such as low energy and anxiety related issues e.g. fear of flying. I would certainly recommend 3Fold as a
homeopathic healthcare service.